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  1. Apply Step 1 LIFT Perm Cream: Start by applying Step 1 LIFT perm cream to the lashes for 6-12 minutes, adjusting the timing based on lash density. Begin the application 0.5-2 mm away from the root, covering 30-60% of the lash height depending on the roller type used. Cleanse with a dry cotton swab afterward.
  2. Apply Step 2 FIX Cream: Next, apply Step 2 FIX cream for 8 minutes, slightly above where the first cream was applied, maintaining a 0.5-2 mm gap from the root.
  3. Tint Application: Follow the tint application instructions (tint not included) to add color to the lashes.
  4. Apply Goccia Restructuring Serum: Nourish and moisturize the lashes with Goccia restructuring serum. After tinting or after Step 2 FIX if tinting isn’t used, apply a few drops of the serum and leave it on the lashes for 5 minutes. Cleanse with a dry cotton pad afterward.
  5. Finish with LASH & BROW COCKTAIL: Complete the procedure by applying LASH & BROW COCKTAIL, ideal for the final step in lamination. This cocktail aids in restoration, hydration, and protection of lashes and brows without weighing them down. Do not rinse


Complete your treatment products with

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