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Nikk Mole’s Professional range of Ekko Beauty Brow Henna comprises of 8 natural and highly pigmented colors, suitable for various skin types and tones. This henna

Nikk Mole’s Professional range of Ekko Beauty Brow Henna comprises of 8 natural and highly pigmented colors, suitable for various skin types and tones. This henna

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The 8 shades:

  • The Chocolat shade of Brow Henna is a stunning warm chocolate hue that complements individuals with warm-toned skin, blondes or brown-haired. If one were to describe this shade in one word, it would be “Milk Cacao”.
  • The Brow Henna Foxy from Ekko Beauty is a warm and golden color that perfectly suits red-haired beauties. This shade can also be mixed with other brown shades to add warmth. It’s a rich and vibrant color that will leave your clients feeling confident and beautiful.
  • For those with blonde or light brown hair, the Ekko Beauty Brow Henna in Light Brown is the perfect choice. This color is the softest and most delicate in the entire range, providing a subtle and natural look.
  • The Dark Brown Brow Henna from Ekko Beauty is a rich and earthy color, making it one of the darkest shades in the palette. It is ideal for brunettes and those with darker hair.
  • EkkoBeauty offers a natural Brown shade of henna for eyebrows that is versatile and adapts to any skin tone. This is the most natural color in the line, perfect for fair-haired girls and brunettes who don’t have a clear warm or cold skin tone.
  • Ekko Beauty’s Golden Brown Brow Henna is a versatile, warm brown shade that creates a beautiful natural color, making it suitable for a wide range of clients. This warm and sunny color will never turn reddish, making it perfect for blondes or brown-haired individuals. With its unique formulation, Ekko Beauty’s Golden Brown Brow Henna will create a long-lasting, stunning result that your clients will love.
  • The Brow Henna Graphite is a cool-toned, light grey color within the range, making it ideal for individuals with cold-toned blonde or brown hair. It can also be added to mixes with brown or light brown Henna to achieve a more natural effect.
  • Brow Henna Black is the darkest and deepest color in the palette, perfect for brunettes. It is also a great addition to other henna shades, adding depth and richness to any color mix.


Size Brow Henna: 10 gram each

Size Mineral Solution: 100ml

How to Use

To prepare the Ekko Beauty Brow Henna, take a non-metallic container and mix the equivalent of 2 rice grains of Henna with 5-8 drops of Ekko Beauty Mineral Solution. Mix thoroughly until the mixture reaches the desired consistency. There are three levels of consistency you can aim for:


  • Milk consistency: this runny consistency will only tone the hairs without providing a bold stain.
  • Soy sauce consistency: this is the perfect working consistency that will give great tone to the hairs and a beautiful stain to the skin.
  • Sour cream consistency: this very thick consistency is ideal for clients who want a bold tattoo effect.


If needed, adjust the thickness of the mixture by adding more Mineral Solution. The more solution you add, the more natural the result will look.


Lawsonia inermis, Indigofera argentea, Emblica officinalis, Sodium PCA, Tartaric Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Acacia Concinna, Citric Acid, P-Aminophenol.

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